What's the Longest Range in Vic?

Hey all,

Does anyone know the longest range in Vic and where it is? It’s hard to get solid info on this with a Google search.

I know Mildura has a 2km range, and I had it in my head that Mildura was only 2-3 hours away. It turns out that it’s 6 hours away. I have 2 kids, I’d be lucky to get there once every 2 years.

My local range, Little River is 500m. Is there anything in between within 2-3 hours of Geelong that’s longer?

My plan was to get a 6.5 Creedmoor with the aim being to get into target shooting and eventually long range. However, if I’m only going to ever be able to shoot up to 500m the vasy majority of the time, is there any point going a 6.5CM over a .308? As far as Ballistic’s go, they’ve very similar up to 500m, the 6.5CM doesn’t really start to drastically out perform it until over 750m.

Does a 6.5 still group better than a .308 at shorter ranges or are the differences on paper marginal?

They cost about the same for ammo here, but as far as I know .308 has much better barrel life.


Have a look at the Victorian Rifle Association.

Please note, their ranges are generally not open to the public except on certain days. It’s much more formalised and you generally can’t just rock up unannounced and shoot. About your only option outside of private land in Victoria.

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Depends who is shooting it I suppose.

Victorian Rifle Association

Don’t they have some pretty fixed rules about what rifles, and equipment you’re allowed to use?

@sbd850 - if you go this way, might be worth giving them a call, or a visit to make sure your new rifle rig is actually compliant to their competition rules.

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Alrighty thanks guys,

So Little River is definitely the longest public range,

No worries, will look into VRA


There’s a 1000m range in Wellsford, Bendigo, but I think it is usually different clubs shooting on a given day of the week, and I have a feeling Castlemaine might have a similar sized range though I have never seen it. I dropped by once on a weekend about 3 years ago and the group there were very friendly, eager to talk about what they were doing, and happy to let myself and the 2 others with me have a couple of quick shots with their rifles. It might be worth making a couple of calls and giving them a look. If nothing else they’d have a good idea of where the other long distance ranges are from competing around the state

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It’s been ages since I looked into it but I think Warnambool has a 1000 metre range.

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Warracknabeal have comps that @Brett travels down for so I’m guessing that’s at least 1000, but it’s still a fair way from G’town.
Trying to get onto some farm land might be a good option, if the 6.5 manbun is what you want get it, start shooting at little river regularly, start making friends (shooters are a friendly, helpful bunch) and you will end up finding yourself presented with all kinds of opportunities as the years go by.
Ask @sungazer about the club / comp he shoots, go along to some of their shoots, and don’t discount other types of shooting, have a crack at anything you can.
The Silly Wet stuff that @danmac does would be right up your alley as well I reckon, he’s a bit far away but I’m sure they do that in Vic too and I’m sure he could point you towards the right people.

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There is a 1200 yrd range at Corryong and another at Stawell the others mostly go out to 600-1000 yrds

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Mildura is not 2km and if anything the max they’ll try to extend to is 1000yds from the current 600yds. These plans have been on the agenda for some years so I wouldn’t be holding out for it to happen. Warracknabeal is 1000yds and approved for 22LR to 50BMG and hosts the FCSA 50BMG Aus Titles each year which is why I head south to Vic. They have a very active club and its members are well represented in both state and national F-Class Teams.


If you want to have a look at silhouette, our Nationals are on at Little River over the Easter weekend.
No, I won’t be attending, my back doesn’t like 10 hour drives and I absolutely cannot stand shooting competitions at Little River, been there, done that too many times, never again. Trying to shoot a match with timing constraints doesn’t work when we have to work in with the general public shooting on the same range. It totally fucks up the flow of the match.
Little River, ( or Eagle Park to be correct ), is the only range in the country that refuses to shut the range for competition.

Anyway, here’s the program if any of you “Mexicans” are interested. :wink:


April 1-7, 2021 - Eagle Park Range, Little River, Victoria

[ Rifle Metallic Silhouette ]


Please note, due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID 19 restrictions the National Competition may not proceed as planned. Visit this page for the latest competition updates

Thursday, April 1: 10am-5pm practice.

Scrutineering and practice one hour before competition starts, shooters’ briefing 15 minutes before competition starts.

Friday, April 2: 8am Centrefire competition.

Saturday, April 3: 9am Rimfire competition.

Sunday, April 4: 9am Air Rifle competition.

Monday, April 5: 9am Centrefire Hunter competition.

Tuesday, April 6: Over-run day if required.

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