What would you buy with $1300

So, a challenge.
I’m looking at buying a cz515 Tactical. RRP is around $1300 give or take $50.
I have most rifles covered. I have all major Milsurps covered. I am looking for thoughts and opinions on something interesting, unusual or a combination thereof consisting of a strict budget of $1300 or less. Not interested in a run of the mill hunting style bolt action. Budget does not need to include a scope. No “if you just spend a few more dollars you can have…”
$1300 is the ceiling. You are competing against the cz.
Throw me your ideas , be they good, shitty or ludicrous.

For clarification, is it on top of CZ or instead of CZ?

In any case… Perhaps… A Martini Henry sporter (or cavalry carbine); or Snider 577 sporter.

Something like this:

Purley for the joy of shooting a .6something" slab of lead (smaller with MH) from a short barrel with BP is fun. I am fairly certain you could find one within the budget. Between the two, Snider any day of the week, but who knows, MH might tickle your fancy parts :slight_smile: Between the two, Snider would be my pick. Between the three, Cz would be my pick :slight_smile:

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Instead of the cz


Tacticooless heathen!

Berika black ops.

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Something without a hammer forged barrel…you wish…I’m with @juststarting go the Snider or MH, real rifles dont have plastic on them…

I’d buy a 3/4 impact wrench at the moment :joy: not allowed guns over here yet, all the clubs are to scared of newbies


You didn’t tell them that you came from Victoria did you?

I can get you into one of my clubs but you will have a bit of a drive lol.


I try to avoid it when i can :joy: not real popular at the moment thats for sure, thinking about getting a property lettet and going from there, had a few spot fires to put out in my personal life latelly gotta get the shooting show on the road!

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Let me know when you are ready and I will sort one out for you. Don’t pay for one.


You’re a legend mate

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