What was the oil used to finish German K98 stocks

As the title, wondering if anyone knows what was the original oil used to finish German K98 stocks?

From a post that I read… " According to the original manuals, linseed oil was repeatedly wiped on as a finish. There is no mention of stains for the 98k in the manuals I’ve translated."

A link to the manuals… German Manuals in English
or … German Rifle and Pistol Manuals (germanmanuals.com)

You have to pay for a downloaded copy of the translated manuals but the cost is not bad.

Yeah, I think I read the same forum post…

There is also some suggestions that normal gun oil was used to rub into the stocks in the later part of the war.

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Any and all references I can find , refer to Linseed oil and nothing else. I don’t think the method of application is particularly important as the end result is essentially the same. The original method was only done for expediency and is not necessarily the ‘best’ method. I think a basic traditional Milsurp finish would serve your needs.
My method.
Lint free rag.
Bottle BLO
First application, moisten (hehe) the rag with turps on one corner. Good dollop of BLO, rub it in. Turps will help absorption and lift any lingering oils from hands etc.

2 coats about an hour apart.

Then 3 maybe 4 coats of straight BLO about an hour or so apart with a wipe down about 10 mins after application.


Or you can make a concoction of equal parts
BLO / Plant based Turps (pine Turps) / pure beeswax if fancy , or beeswax based furniture polish. Warm gently and mix, then allow to cool.

Apply light coat, buff off, apply when required.

I’ve tried the long methods that take days and weeks. Dozens of coats.

I’ve concluded it’s bullshit.

Short term , timber will only absorb so much oil. It takes literally years for the oil to soak past the first mm or so. Applying too many coats just make it sweat oil at the first sign of heat. 2 Thin coats , 3-4 full coats, wax, done.
More than enough for excellent preservation and appearance.

Edit: Don’t believe me, oil a piece of hardwood 3 times, oil another as many times as you like. Wait as long as you like, cut them in half. Be blown away as they appear exactly the same , in regards to oil ingress.