What solvents do people use?

I use Hoppe’s mostly, no reason, just what I got and seems to work very well.

  • Hoppe’s 9 bore cleaner.
  • Hoppe’s 9 gun oil (although recently I got a sample of Hoppe’s 9 ‘Black Rifle’ oil and it felt a lot better, so I chaged).
  • Hoppe’s 9 ‘Black Rifle’ oil (little thicker, smells nice and feels a bit slicker on parts)
  • Sweets 7.62 (for once in a while copper removal and when I feel like chroming on concentrated ammonia fumes).
  • Carby cleaner (for carbon removal, best tip ever, thanks @sungazer, actually this gets used a lot on most bores.)

That said, stuff I shoot (at a minimum) weekly, actually gets a lot less cleaning, since, well, everything get’s blown out of it regularly anyway. This gets oil and Inox (Lanline) impregnated bore snake treatment, until I decide that they have been very dirty girls and require deeeeep clean.

Anyhow, that’s me, what do people use?

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This me personally and not an official Shooters Union endorsement, but I use G96 and a bore snake for pretty much everything.

Eds Red, carby cleaner and Lanox because I’m cheap. I have a bore snake for the .22.

I always intended to get some Hoppes or something to try but then my money kept going towards guns.

Hoppes, sweets, lanox and grease for bolt rails etc.

I have a few random tubes and bottles of things I have tried but these are the basics that get used most.

Mostly Hoppes 9 for solvent, mostly Inox for protection and light lubrication. Seems to work really well for lifting the plastic residue out of my 12g too, but that might be the propellant do8ng some of the work…

Actually… Forgot to mention… I too use Ed’s Red. However, that’s only used on old milsurp rifles with shitty bore when I need to scrub it well on the cheap. All in all, Hoppe’s is still the go to, but I definitely use Ed’s Red.

There a few on the shelf.

G96 for the outside of every gun that comes back from a day in the jungle.
Remington Shotgun spray can for the insides of shotty barrels.
Hoppes for bores that just need a good clean
Sweets 7.62 because I didn’t use Hoppes when it needed it.

My can of Lanox spray is invaluable. Everything gets a lick of that and a wipe over before going back in the safe, I even patch out with it. When resizing just a few cases, I a spray a dot on the side of my press and dab my finger in it. Its other great use is teasing my Kiwi mate.

I use Hoppes 9 bore solvent and Hoppes 9 Black for everything else. I do have carbie and brake cleaner as back ups if it is bad. I also use Ballistol but mainly on my presses and dies.

I love lanox so much I bought a 5lt drum and spray bottle!

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Boretech eliminator, sweets, hoppes and frog lube.

Black powder mainly gets the boiling water treatment and some Hornsby muzzle loader cleaner occasionally.

That’s probably better than using aerosol as apparently the propellant isn’t great for steal and finishes. I personally spray it onto a microfiber cloth and then wipe it on whatever I want it applied to.

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Hoppes 9 for carbon, Robla Solo Mil for copper, JB Bore Paste every 5th clean if the borescope indicates a need. I use G96 for the external surfaces and as an aftershave :slight_smile:

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-G96, best stuff ever, pretty much everything gets covered in it including timber stocks.
-Ballistol oil, It’s good stuff but i only use a drop Here & there on slides because it stinks like shit.
-Bore Tech Eliminator bore cleaner, works great, love this stuff.
-Outers nitro cleaner, i use it for shotty barrels so doesn’t get used much. (I have a strict shotgun cleaning policy, once every 10 years or every million rounds, which ever comes first.)
-Inox, it’s always hanging around so gets used now & then.
-Lanomax, I’ve got a drum of it in the shed & have tried it on a couple of guns that are in long term storage, works great for that but not an everyday gun product.

Now your talking…

Hoppes and sweets for my my lot.