What scales do you use?

Wondering what digital scales do people here use?

I use Rangemaster 2000. Recently they’ve been drifting and I think it may be the power board with other things plugged in. Will try running them direct, from outlet but that got me thinking…

What do you use?

I use the first version of the Chargemaster. I leave it on for hours because when I go the shed I turn the aircon on. Its 32 degrees in there.

“Throw” all charges with an RCBS ChargeMaster 1500.
GemPro 300 for checking.

I use the Lyman 1200 DPS3. Have had it since they released them years ago. Just have to turn it on 30 minutes before you want to start reloading to calibrate the temperature etc.

Not a big problem as by the time I get everything set to go it is ready.
Pretty accurate and I have not had any dramas with it. Check every tenth load or so on my little Hornady digital scales.