What random animals have you found while shooting/ hunting?

Heres some of my finds.
Over the last couple of years on our farm.

Oh yeah cow eggs too

I have seen a few “ponkipines” as my daughter used to call echidna’s, blue tounge lizards, brown & tiger snakes , and have passed up many shots because I was busy birdwatching, lol!
I’ll try to find some pics.DSC_0075-640x360

My biggest surprise was out ferreting with my Brother. Not a snake (although we did get a few come out of warrens), but a Possum came barreling out of a hole into a net, I was waiting behind and grabbed it up before I knew what it was. Scratched me up quite badly.

A couple of photos off my wall so apologies if they aren’t very clear.
Top is one of the biggest snapping handbags I’ve ever seen in the wild and below is a jabiru approx a month old! :grin:

Jabiru are awesome birds, seeing them was one of the highlights of my bird watching so far

Yeah I gotta agree. I’m sitting here having coffee as the suns coming up and all around me there’s different birds. So far I can hear bee eaters ,Oriole’s ,blue faced honey eaters , zebra finches and crimson wrens.(yep I’m a bit of a twitcher too :grinning:) great way to start the day!!! :grinning::+1:

Saw a big black panther once. But sorry no pic. :rofl: