What projects do you have on the go?

So like the title suggests. This is not shooting related, rather what actual gun related projects do you have planned or in the process of (other than shooting)?

I scored a mec junior 12ga reloading press that has been gathering dust n rust in a shed for 25 years that I plan on cleaning up.
I bought a bunch of once fired 30-06 brass that I want to convert into 8x57.

Didn’t know you had a Mauser or is that Jap?

Yes it’s for a Mauser

When did you get a Mauser? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Years ago, it’s been to a few plinkfest.
I think it’s even in the milsurp threads

Ha! lol

Diying a chassis for my savage 22 hornet still in the design phase tossing up if I go bullpup or not would really like something more compact for walking around with. Necked some 32-20 down to 25-20 yesterday what a SOB of a job but it worked. And still working on the old marlin lever gun.so iso days are pretty full until the next shift

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I need to make a new steam chamber and fix up last couple of rusty pipes 22 pumpies I have.

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In the development stages of building a walk in gun safe/room. Approximately 3m X 2.6m.
Have finally cleared the area required to locate it. Just have an aloe vera plant to move along.
Was originally going to be 6m X 2.4m but the wife considered this a ‘fken monstrosity’.
3m X 2.4m will be plenty for a few safes, small work bench, some storage and shelves. Was originally planning to use it for a reloading room but I think I would prefer to leave the set up where it is.

Will be nice to be able to hang a few rifles on the wall. I will rotate them out of the safe and have a few on the wall at a time.

Slowly collecting building materials. Have all the steel tube for the frame. Outer skin will be a welded box made from shipping container panels and corner posts, tough stuff. Then a layer of REO mesh, then inside will be insulated and skinned with plywood or yellow tongue. Will hang off the back of a brick shed with access inside the shed. From all my research it should pass as a safe. Worse case, I have my gunsafes within as well. Door will probably be a lump of steel plate on a frame with welded hinges. Some sort of three point lock.

I looked at proper safe doors , big enough to walk through. Holy cow, yeah …nah.
Big dollars there.

Nearly finished the she shed, will post an update on that soon.

Been a while in the making.


Got to get to work on the bank night deposit safe I bought, remove the drop points and weld in plates. I’m not little but moving a 250-300 odd kg safe around by yourself is not as easy as it sounds…

I don’t think it sounds easy at all.

It’ll be worth it though, size of an old fridge, easily 20 scoped capacity and heavy enough to be free standing. All for around $100 + Sweat & swearing.
I’m not in town at the moment though, plenty of non gun stuff to do here.

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To move heavy safes around, a couple or three pieces of 3/4" pipe or similar, used as rollers.
Of course it depends on having a solid floor to support it. I put my 2 tonne safe into place using this method. Also have moved a couple of smaller, ( 450kg ), safes around a few times when remodelling the gun room. You’d be surprised by how easy it makes it. Placing the pipe parallel to the direction you wish to move the safe is how you steer it into place.

More leather gear. Safari style magnum belt. Some timber wet moulds for bandolier style clip pouches and…don’t laugh, but an RDR2 style satchel :rofl: for muzzle loaders (“possibles” bag) made out of a number of skins and creatures Ive personally killed and tanned. The shall be known only as ‘wild dog’ and cow leather

Now I can’t wait to see the photos of the finished product.

I hung out for years waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come out after playing the first one to death, but it gave me the shits (I think I’m just getting to old) to many buttons, to many unnecessary sub menus, just so over complicated. It was easier to just go bush for real.


I also enjoyed RDR 1 immensely. RDR2 has proven to be quite a slog. Spend 20mins riding to the other side of the map, capture a guy in 15 seconds, ride all the way back, get FK all reward.
Wow , that was an awesome 40 mins and 15 seconds.
Try and get through town, some knob runs out in front of you, nudge him with your horse, now he wants to punch on, retaliate in any way and now the cops are after you.
Great game in some ways, but almost too realistic for its own good, having to chop wood ffs.
Got bored and frustrated after a while.

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thats it mate, I have real wood to chop, ffs!