What other hobbies do you have?

I collect old things, specifically military stuff, hence how I got into firearms.

Pretty much just the usual stuff here, apart from shooting & hunting I like fishing & crabbing, 4wding and camping, we beach camp more than bush but i like both. I enjoy jumping on the dirt bikes with a couple of mates & pretending we’re still 20 while trying not to kill ourselves in the process. Also enjoy jetskiing, either playing in the surf or exploring & cruising to a pub on the water for lunch & a beer.

This is our pool :slight_smile:


@Keith where abouts do live mate?
I know you said earlier New England area, I’m up that way now too.

Me too! Love my Crimson rosellas

but you wrap them in masking tape first, yeah?

Armidale is south east of us & Guyra is north east of us bentaz.

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just when I think we are totally screwed lloyd, you totally redeem yourself…

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Nice country there mate.
I’m east of Glen Innes a bit, heading towards Grafton.

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I collect spores moulds and fungus.

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I am not sure if you are for real or not, because I knew a guy who actually collected spores, moulds and fungi.

Was his name Egon?

I once raced Nitro RC buggies…awesome fun!

I started building a gunstock duplicator, aimed at buttstocks for Enfields and Martini’s…I also have a Stationery engine to rebuild at some point…

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