What is this thing?

Literally, what is this? My little brother is out the back of bumfuck Bendigo digging holes and pouring footings. He found this:

A fence spear? A fuse for a bomb?

Looks a bit like a Plumb bob. used at the end of a bit of string to get things vertical.

But the larger and split end does look like it should go on a piece of wood handle/stick?

Yeah, that split looks exacrly like a handle goes into it.
If the top is meant to be angled that way, maybe its the leg/foot of something?

looks like the pick out of a road surface grinder. The grey part would be carbide.


I reckon you are probably right, explains the angle too.

Could be the foot off one leg of an old tripod, left from an old survey? That is if it isn’t a road machine bit.