What is our most ridiculous gun law?

I’m actually a fan of strong control of gun ownership, we all know people we wouldn’t trust with a sharp pencil, but it has to be TOTALLY logic and evidence based, not favour currying, emotive nonsense and provide safety without persecution.

I live in NSW, I’m not allowed to have a folding stock because it “shortens” my rifle, yet I’m allowed to have a Chiappa Little Badger that I can fold up and put in a bag.

Nothing against the Badger, I have a craving for one after handling it, but the total inconsistency of our laws really pokes a stick up my blurter.

This is far from the only instance of lunacy so I thought I’d start this poll/vote/wtf to elect the most ridiculous gun law in Oz.

I’ll kick it off with my vote for the arsetarded regulation that declares that in NSW I can have a real Barret .50 but I need a special permit as well as my shooters licence to purchase a 1/3 scale miniature toy model of one and have to keep it under the same security as an actual firearm.
Not even remotely the only one that gets my bowels in an uproar, just the latest I’ve discovered.

I think an entire concept of PTA is ridiculous and what’s commonly referred to as ‘security theatre’. For example, there’s no difference between buying a firearm and having a shop submitted the details at the time of purchase… Doubling up on paperwork is an enormous waste of resources that achieves nothing.

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I think its that i can’t have a pump action shotgun that’s harmless beyond 50m, but i can have a pump action 30-06 that’s good out to 500!

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Better question is why can’t you have a pump action shotgun, but you can have a straight-pull shotgun that’s in the most litteral sense twice as fast.


It may have changed recently, but you could buy all the components (primers, brass, powder and projectiles), machines and books to make centrefire ammunition without a licence in the NT but you needed one to buy a tin of air rifle pellets.

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Speaking of Gel Blasters, the fact in Queensland I could rock up to a kiosk set up in the mall and just buy a gel blaster and yet in Victoria it could put me in jail is just insanity.

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Why not just insist that they have that little orange muzzle brake thing on the end like toy guns had when we were growing up?

You want to remove it and hold up a bank or threaten your dealer? We already have laws for that…

“Problem” solved.

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Found another;

As with Jizzfinger’s example in NT, in NSW, air rifle and bb pellets are now classed as ammunition and must be locked in the safe, shotgun pellets apparently are not.

The rich texture of the lunacy, like a shit smoothy.


Do ball bearings also need to be locked up?

It depends on what the intended purpose is.

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That’s true and that reasoning can be used against you for all manner of things.

Hypothetically, if you have a kid’s Tball bat sitting at your front door and popo come along for an inspection and ask why it’s there and you say you’re taking the kids to the park for a game, it’s a toy.

If you were to say you’re worried about the safety of your family after recent violent home invasions in the neighbourhood, they can take that as mens rea and charge you with possessing an offensive weapon.
As such it would be seized and “destroyed”.

Gets more like Animal Farm every day.

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I was gonna say, “Subject of the Queen, state your intention!”

WA right now!


How about the rule that you have to have actions broken while stored in a safe? So all my lever actions have to have the action broken in my safe or I’m breaking the law, how is having the action closed an issue? I’m the only one with keys, so if someone breaks in they are going to see the action is open and think, nope can’t take that one? Makes absolutely no sense.


Not directly a law but It’s ridiculous that customs can just decide to not allow import of perfectly legal firearms.


I think its bullshit that i need to be a member of s club that shoots centerfire metalic silhouette before i can buy a 30-30 revolver!

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Appearance laws, of scary guns…


The most ridiculous law is without a doubt the one that stops me from having cat D and R.
It’s just completely ludicrous!! :grin: