What is it??? (yes I know a pistol case)

OK brain trust, I found this at my Pistol club and can not work out what it is.

It is alloy and very light.
you can push/pull the base in/out of the main body,
It is the same size, height and case mouth as a fired 9mm,
It has a primer but doesn’t look like it can be reloaded,
There is nothing written on the head of the case.

I think it’s a law enforcement training round, that shoots paintballs.

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I think that you might be right, they look very similar.

I’m pretty sure that’s what it is too

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It’s a “simunution” small paint pellet sits on top, propelled by primer only.

Edit: fixed spelling

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@1Fatman so do the local po po or shhhhh… the chicken chokers use your range?

This is hell to read for dyslexics.

@bentaz They sure do, they even have their own mock up house for practice.
They are also bloody good shots, no many in the club can shoot the numbers above the targets from 25m but the boys/girls in blue can get them regularly from 10m.