What is a "NSW COMPLIANT" magazine

…and what makes NSW so effing special?

Limited to 10 rnds i think mate.

Made out of wood instead of scary tactical black plastic/metal

Sorry this shoudl have been in the pistol section. What is a NSW compliant pistol magazine? Got people from there asking to send magazines as they cant buy them. For example the regular CZ 75 Shadow 10 rounder that has the four pins joining the magazine in half and blocking any extra srounds or mods…thats okay for borderforce but not NSW. Why?

NSW are stricter than other states and Aus Customs on what they consider safe, as in not being able to modify it to a larger capacity mag. Standard Aussie Sig 320 10 round mags are a perfect example. Very quick & easy to make 17 rounders. The original Shadow & Shadow 2 mags aren’t that hard to change either, the later CZ ones are different now.
Safe enough for border force and most states but not for NSW.

And the why… Is because they’re a bunch of gov retards with nothing better to do than make up stupid rules piss all over our happy happy joy joy.


Hypothetically how would one change a cz mag?

I’ve thought about this briefly and I cant think of a way to remove the block since it is what holds the two halves of the magazine together.