What is a Fudd?

Noun: (think Elmer Fudd). That is, a person who cares about their sport only. For example, hunting, but nothing else, like handguns or semi-auto rifles, etc. Pretty much the Australian shooting community in the past. Well, I don’t shoot this, so I don’t care rather than having a united front.

These people are generally considered the cancer of shooting sports. They tend to divide the community, when united front is needed.

It’s okay. I only need my over and under for duck hunting. I won’t support other shooters until it’s too late, because I have no use for it and I can’t possibly think why I personally would need one. It’s okay, I only care about handguns, so I won’t support other shooters until it’s too late. It’s okay, I only target shoot, so I only need a… Until someone deems it too powerful or too scary, but by then it’s too late.

This is different to FUD which is an acronym for ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’, another name for a scare campaign.

Additional reading: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-many-gun-owners-call-hunters-and-sports-shooters-Fudds-and-call-their-guns-Fudd-guns-as-in-Elmer-Fudd


Lol I am not fudd… as I only object to 1 thing. Every other type of rifle or handgun is fine by me.

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