What do admins really talk about?

You know, from time to time I hear other people say, oh boy, I wish I was like those two charming go getters, @GUN-DMC and @juststarting. They are really awesome and do really cool stuff and we all should be more like them…

…but let me tell you, running a forum is a serious business and we have very serious conversations!


What, so I like fucking cats!
I’m all about the pussy…

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I still hate you :innocent: but the rest of us talk about guns, guns, more guns and about what you two do all day lol


@1Fatman - you know, you think it’s 3. But it’s actually 6 :wink: Hehehehehe

Correction, 7

That just makes it worse, now I am going to sit in the corner and have a little cry.

And before my back flared up I used to buy a shotgun every week.

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Grrrrrr now it have to put you on the list lol.

We’re still willing to offer you asylum here in the free states.

I just need to win lotto and I’m there

I told him, refugees are always welcome.