What are you doing for Easter?

Well, I’m going Murray Cod fishing on the Mitta Mitta River for a few days. Taking the 9WT fly rod and baitcasting gear. Got access through a mates property so there will be no one else around. Still warm up here, the weather forecast looks good. A relaxing few days. I can’t be stuffed going hunting. Not taking the rifles. Heading off early tomorrow.

Get to use a new baitcasting reel I got.
Shimano Calcutta 400B, it’s a bit bigger than my last one. Loaded with 50 Ibs braid.

If all goes well and my mate has finished my framework I will be installing and setting up my new reloading bench.

If he hasn’t finished it then it will be yard work, play in the pool and off to the range for some fun.

Hope e everyone has a great Easter.

I’m doing a fun run tomorrow with my daughter then if I live through that got family bbq and working on the Ute.

I’m going to completely strip my ugly 1906 and stick 1890 furniture on it ( An expert fore end and curved steel buttplate stock). Then scratch my head about what to do about the drivers license number a PO electro engraved on the reciever. Maybe mill it thinner? Then I’ll try sorting out the Model 150 I picked up the other day- It does shoot well when it wants to feed or strike hard enough.
I’ve got no misgivings about mucking around with the 1906 - its been well and truly mucked up by others in the past, nothing about it worth conserving.

But just in case, leave keys to the safes somewhere, where I can find them.

Me, going to the footy. Then kids. Then range. Then wife is off for a week, so going to geek out with little knuckleheads.

Still hasn’t finished, you couldn’t have done it by now.

Yep, still waiting.
Have a large pile of goodies ready to play with and no play area available.

He has been flat out and as it isn’t costing me anything I can’t really rush him lol.

There’s a term for this, I believe. Blue balls.

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Trying to make a date with this cute little bugger. Time stamp is wrong, this was earlier this week. Got about 30 photos of him trying to work out where that faint little noise was coming from. The last noise he won’t hear…but I’ll know exactly where it came from!


I’m most going to be boring, gotta do some stuff to sort out storage.

After that, probably finish a book I’ve had sitting away for a while. Book is liquid rocket fuel development - from what I’ve read so far, it’s lighting exotic fluids on fire and measuring the bang.

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@Tempestman you should hook up with @juststarting, he is into that sort of weird science experiments.

@1Fatman - for the 100th time, stop talking about your daughter like that. Walked right into that one.

On a related note (rockets, not daughters), as a matter of fact I have some model rocket engines and a model rocket sitting here. Waiting for it to get wet and cold, so we can launch them. At least something that hasn’t been banned by the great nanny state.

@Tempestman - I watched a really interesting documentary on that. That’s all I can share LOL, I don’t recall the name. Other than NASA was built by German engineers that were captured or surrendered after WW2. Dude responsible for V2s dropping on London? Welcome to NASA - yep.


I will let you have that one :wink:

Sorry, just to be clear, you’re referring to the joke or your daughter?

Both lol, I would rather she spent your money instead of mine.

Well, let’s just walk away now ay lol


Taking my friend Georgie away on her first hunting/camping trip for 3 day/2 nights. We have a small arsenal coming with us. Should be fun :blush:


Well who ever said that run was fun is a [email protected]#t!
But hey I didn’t die…