What are some of your most weird obscure calibres that you shoot?

Let’s get this going, surely some of you have some weird stuff. Maybe, weird, maybe obscure or uncommon?

What is the most obscure weird cartridge that you own and shoot. Not random obscure, but stuff you actually shoot. And a pic.

Me… A few doozies I suppose, some look more or less the same, but the one that realy takes the cake for me is the 7.62x38R Nagant cartridge.

Paper patched bullets in my 30-06! No so much obscure caliber but 19th century bullet tech!!

Patched 30-06 definitely belongs here lol

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I will do an article on it, when home…full velocity lead slugs, for 10c each…and very accurate…whats not to love!

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For those interested…this is the PP bible!!

8X57 Rimmed Hungarian.

I load new PPU brass with a tad too much 2209 using 205g Hornady .330 soft points.


57? 56, no? And where the heck did you find the bullets? When you’re down here, remind me… I have actual milsurp :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ll bet you have rimmed Hungarian!


Also like MaxJon, not an obscure calibre but an obscure round for a particular calibre.
Obscure to the point of near uselessness.

That is the Aguila. 22 Sniper Subsonic.

At first I was a little excited that 42 of the 50 in the box weighed 69.4gn and the remaining 8 were 69.2

I have 50, 75, 100 and 150m targets in the paddock behind the house ranged from a comfortable seating position inside the back door to do practice and testing.
I have the Lithgow zeroed at 50m for Lapua Center X so I tried them at 50, no idea where they went but I did hear one moan off into the next paddock in a ricochet.
I then moved the target right in to 15m and fired 5 CCI Quiets to give me a comparison and 5 “Sniper” 60gn.

Their weight got me thinking about twist so I did some googling and found that they were apparently developed for 7 twist barrels.

I’ve never heard of a .22 that wasn’t a 16.

Having said that, I’m not exactly the repository of all knowledge more a suppository random trivia, so there may indeed be some.

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They definitely look like they are tumbling through that target hey mate.

Pretty much the same results I’ve witnessed with that ammo. Was watching a guy test it, and yeah, same results.

Have either of you heard of a 7 twist .22?

I don’t even know what twist mine are lol

Nope. I was under the impression most 22lr were 1:14 rifling.

I think youll find they range from 16 to 20 inch twist rates, depending on the 22 in question.

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Firstly, huge thanks for taking the time to make this post and share your results.
A 1:7" twist .22LR? Im wondering if you can get re sleeved in that rate, or if you have to fandangle an old .223rem target barrel into a 22LR.

You’re welcome.

I love testing, I’ve just finished tesing reliable expansion range with subsonics before I use them on the rabbits.

I don’t know if enough others would be interested enough to start a terminal ballistics topic but the results surprised me.

I remembered an obscure calibre I used to shoot, .17 WSM. Super deadly on rabbits but plagued by wind and expensive at 60c each.

This is a picture of the W strap at the shearing shed yards, I was aiming at a rabbit but forgot to change the scope and clipped the top where the 3mm metal is folded double to make a smooth edge.

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.58 Zouave Muzzleloader soon! 500 to 620gn bullets! Love it!! No chasing brass at least…

Do some reading before you get molds for the zuave mate. I believe the twist rate is only good for ball and not Minnie’s. I could be wrong though

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I got a Lee Minie, and loading gear with it, i think the slow twist shoots them ok. But im.not sure which twist it has just yet…but balls will.be fun too!