Wet tumblers - what do you use?

Wondering what people use for wet tumbling? I suspect I have outgrown mine, it took me a few hours of doing ‘loads of washing’, around 2k cases and then I just gave up, had a few more to go. Which I would have preferred to do in one go or maybe 2… Anyhow, question:

What do you use for wet tumbling (make, model, link, photo, bucket size, etc.)?

Some reference posts, for completeness:

No shit, the only thing Ive ever bothered with is powdered soap. No cream of sumyunguy or anything. It make my brass brilliant and shiny and smooth. Perhaps 98% as good as when I used a sachet of the LemiShine that came with the tumbler.


I use 1 heaped tbs per load in the C.E.D. Brass Tornado

Allegedly does up to 8KG of brass/water. I just fill it until its half full of brass and pins, then add water to the 3/4 mark and let her rip potato chip do it for dale for about 90 minutes. No directional change or anything.

I use the Lyman cyclone tumbler. They say that it will hold up to 1000 .223 cases.

And then dump them, once cleaned, into the Lyman rotary case/media seperator to get the pins out.

So, after evaluating what I tumble or rather how much… Usually 3 - 4 x 2L ice cream tubs (by volume)… When they get full, I tumble and free up space… After bitching and moaning, with the activity quite literally taking (on/and off) a better part of the day and ridiculously loud, (with wife’s blessing) I’ve recently upgraded my tumbler…

Did some research, actually quite a bit of research and decided to support Australian (https://www.aussiesapphire.com.au), only a little more expensive, but not enough to buy from someone else.

I have considered the DIY option. However, after making list of parts I’d have to buy (i.e. I don’t live on a farm, I don’t have the material needed scattered around, so it would need to be bought), the effort required, etc. it came out only marginally cheaper for the size I wanted.

By no means a cheap pleasure, but holly shit.


For scale with what I had.

It dwarf the original bucket and whisper quiet whisper quiet.

This is 3kg of 357 brass, which is a lot (again, by volume) and would have taken me at least 3, maybe 4 loads at 45 - 1 hour cycle each, because I’d overpack the bucket.

Been running it a bit, to go through everything I had (some cases can’t be tumbled with others). Last load I did, I did in an hour what would have taken me, conservatively 4 hour. I like!

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Looks good I wondered when I saw the outside was round if it would work. Hey presto lift the lid and it has sides. Are they rubber there are some that have a rubber insert to help with noise? How much in the way of pins are you using. Did you increase the amount from the smaller tumbler?

I use on a large load 2kg of pins. On half a bucket, I use 1kg.

It has 10 sides internally. The entire thing is rubberised.