Western Action shooting

So I got a chance to shoot a Western Action comp today. Lever, coach gun and single action 357 revolver with (felt very underpowered) 38’s.

My single action technique sucked major donkey balls. On the first revolver, I kept dropping the hammer before it had a chance to cock itself or at least get enough momentum to fire. Although, once I got the hang of it, I plowed through it pretty fast with the second revolver Lever and a coach gun are my go to toys, so no issues there.

Anyway, I am not sure how I feel about it. Shotgun and lever action is fun, but I feel like it’s more to do with sleeking the gun and speed of operation. I didn’t feel like there was any accuracy involved at those distances (could be biased that I shoot a lot of lever guns and take some things for granted, but never the less). Targets were very close and very large. Maximum 15m.

Single action revolver had certain charm to it, but I feel like it’d get pretty old real quick, when it’s time to quickly reload. Golly, I think I have found a discipline I am indifferent too :scream_cat:

Now, that said, I did get a little tingling in my special sports when I heard that ‘Wild Bunch’ (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pLYwcGRAnk) comps maybe on the agenda, which are very close by using generally milspec 1911 instead of single action revolvers. So, yeah, sort of excited!

That’s my news for this week.

Come for the revolvers, stay for the 1873 lever tuning. :unamused:

More a speed race than an accuracy race.
In the immortal words of someone dead.
Fast is fine , but accuracy is everything.
I have contemplated western action myself. The dressing up was really not my thing, I also find little long term fun in single action revolvers, being novelty value only.

Yeah I think I’d have to agree, lots of fun for a little while, but would then get old too quick.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with calibre choices. I was really excited to have a go with 45LC, but alas, no, not this time.

That whole dress up thing does seem a bit freaky to me but to each their own…

Imagine f-class shooters going to the mound in ghillie suits and target rifle shooters assuming the position in Boer War uniforms! :joy::joy::joy: