Weird and wonderful wildcat cartridges

On the left is the 10, 9, 8, 7, 6mm Express. On the right is the aptly named .30 Giraffe.

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The .303 based .416 Struass

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Now those are hilarous!

I am guessing they are fake but…

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I can’t imagine what the projectile would do to the bore on the way out. Melted copper everywhere.

Na they’re only loaded with trail boss .22/50 blackout

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Good one.

That’s not ‘the bomb’, that’s a pipe bomb!!!

Then there’s this one designed by P.O. Ackley to try and set a world record.


The .224 Montgomery originated in the United States around 2001. The .224 Montgomery has a case length of 0.62 in” (15.75mm) and an the overall length of will depend on the projectile. Velocities will run app. 1,100 to 1,750 feet per second.
The .224 Montgomery, created by Tim Montgomery for whom it is named after, was created as a Wildcat Cartridge using .25 AUTO or .25 ACP Brass necked down to accept a .224 projectile. The inventor states he has shot over 15,000 round of this calibre and get groups of les the .5" at 100 yards with all holes touching


.22 TUBA II rimmed collector cartridge.The parent case is a .44 Magnum shortened and necked down to .22 calibre.

There was (probably still is) a rifle on used guns in 22-45 tuba, the rimless version of this.
It’s crazy the stuff people decide to build, but hey who am I to judge.

That first one would be a good little round, I’d like a 221 fireball but that would also fit the bill nicely.

I know what you mean.
I have had a soft spot for a 17 Fireball and it is on the wish list… one day…

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221 Fireball would do me nicely!! Got loading gear, so it will happen, one day…

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Mmmmm… I’d like a 221 fireball too or maybe a hornet improved, or both. Lol.

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I’ve had 17 Rem, 222, 223s over the years. Loved the 17, being able to see the bullet impact in the scope. I would love to replicate that with a 221 Fireball someday.

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