Weird a__ aussie movies

I’ll start…
100 bloody acres.

Bad boy Bubby! Classic…

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Idiot Box

The Magician

The Cars that ate Paris


The one about Hercules where the sound doesn’t work and they have to ad lib the whole movie.

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Hercules Returns. Absolute classic


I’m with maxjon, Bubby, by far the farthest out of the Out There genre.

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They’re A Weird Mob.

I read the book as a kid and thought the movie did it justice



The Howling III

Just tried to watch Peter Weir’s The Wave.

Not just weird but disjointed and abstruse

Thankyou for that new word.

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That’s because you probably didn’t watch it with your head firmly shoved up your arse to perfectly qualify you to crap on about the artistic nuances and deep underlying meaning…

I dunno if you guys remember, but there was a Beurepaires Tyres advertisment in the 90s, with a big white/blonde haired bloke playing the part of Beau…“Big Beaus Sale, On Now!” Etc…

Well he was the actor in Howling III as the giant feral rat/dog thingy.

He also lived about 10 houses down the street from me, and I went to school with his youngest son Jack. His name was Max Fairchild. A really really good cook too. Truely a gentleman and great father.

Just thought of two more:

“Wake in fright” and “The cars that ate Paris”

Agree on both, (I already mentioned The Cars that ate Paris). My first exposure to “Wake in Fright” was over a week or so as the book reading on late night ABC radio. (It kept me awake while truckin’ up and down the highway)