Wedgetail Industries MRP308 (Rhonda)

So this is kind of neat. Nicknamed Rhonda I think. Wedgetail Industries has been doing teasers for a while on Instagram and just noticed this today.

Left is MRP308; Right is Remington 7615

This is an Australian made, pump action rifle.

MSRP starts at $2,900 which is a bit painful, but compared to Warwick which is a lot more awkward I think, this is a lot cheaper (link:

So I think it was just published, maybe over the last few days so I am fairly certain there are no reviews, but it does look awesome. Currently only comes in 308, I’d like it in something smaller, but I like, a lot.

Now I like that.
If they made it in 223 I think they would sell a few more even given the price.

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Yeah, I think so, too. I just think 308 lands itself into too expensive basket for this type of gun, assuming bulk of the buyers are shooters, rather than 1 shot a month type hunters. Keen to see where this goes, I’d like one in 223. Or 50BMG, either or. 308, eh, not so much, for me anyway.

Lol, I think it might be a hand full in 50 cal.
Could also prove very expensive as well, but a lot of fun.

If I had one in 50BMG, I’d be alright. I’d grow bigger hands LOL.

If you’re a member of AHN check out

RARCO engineering has been posting updates on them for a while. Latest is first commercial production units by end of the year.

Good for mobs of pigs in 308… more than one shot a month for that kind of shooter. Then again; maybe over budget for average pig shooter or farmer with pig problems.

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Probably not a bad price when you think of all the
add-on crap you have to buy for your 7600 so people at the range will know your a mall ninja!

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Definitely tacticool market appeal.

I agree with the mob the 223 I think not only would sell better but is a better suited calibre for a pump. My reasoning is that in a 223 the recoil means you can keep the gun on target through one shot to the next.

I got a bad vibe if these sort of rifles become popular. I would like one for sure. Can’t help the feeling that if these go mainstream like the Adler it’s going to result in legislation changes.

Yeah, I don’t know. It’s too puuurty for pigs. Besides, those folks would probably go for a semi instead.

Not all farmers with pig issues can get a CatD or afford to pay a CatD pro…

@Supaduke. I’m with you. It’s kind of pushing the envelope on the appearance/function: might end up pushing C/F pumps to CatC.
Stoopid? Yes but we all know what the panic merchants are like…

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The AR styled platform i’m in no doubt is the best layout, id rather a straight pull though, can’t see this being bipod friendly, a straight pull in 300 winmag and i’d be all over it :heart_eyes:

Spring assisted straight pull in 300wm would be neat. But I do like pump more if it’s one vs the other, in smaller calibres.

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Yeah I am thinking its more of a standing position rapid fire type platform. More than happy with the bolt for prone bipod. Unless of course we had semis then there would be a crossover point in calibre even with a brake that recoil interferes with ability to control point of aim.

Not much good having a rapid fire gun on a bipod if it jumps 3 inches high, 4 inches to the left, and cants the rifle horizontal each time you fire.

Wait, you actually aim when you shoot?


For eye shots yes :grinning: Others off the hips is ok :poop: or BS emoji :grin:

So has any1 on here ordered 1 yet??