We are on Discord

I am not going to write a detailed howto and what not… Originally started for gamers, where they could chat, text, voice, video, have rooms/channels for various topics, etc. while playing a game on a different screen (think IRC v2.0 - those who know, know).

Discord is a chat platform. It is not a forum, where knowledge can be shared and archived… And it’s not Facebook where, um, :face_vomiting: - what it is, is a chat platform. Where information is transient.

This is an idea I have been toying with for a while, I am not sure how it will go, so if you are tech savvy and like talking shit in the middle of the night… If I see it’s detracting from the forum content or just not working, I’ll kill the experiment. In the meantime, here’s an invite link (below), we’ll see how we go.


Discord is also great for screen sharing.

Mates and I have been using it to do watch parties of tv shows and movies recently.

Another one I have used and really liked was Teamspeak, I used to use that when playing Battlefield Vietnam and then 3 and 4 but then sort of fell out of the online gaming as the team got into all these new fancy games.

I will down load it but nothing is free. I am running very close to the edge with bandwidth limits with the rugrat at home watching you tube vids or doing schoolwork.


I lost so many hours of sleep to BFV. Those were the days…

That and BF2 which was great until the hackers took over.

Yep, i have to agree BF2 was great…and then the hackers and aim bot cheats ruined it