Wapol at it again

Wa police keeping the community safe from evil ’ checks notes’ …pellet guns.

Not one of those nasty air rifles?
They are getting more ridiculous every day, I bet their reasoning is because it is a semi auto.

Yet, the gamo semi auto isn’t banned. There is just no rhyme or reason to what they do.

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Unfortunately there never has been any rhyme or reason to any of their decisions.

Surely they cant just say [email protected] you like that, without proper reason/consultation…

They can when the police minister is in a safe seat.

Sounds about right…wankers…

Might be something that the @NationalShootingCouncil or the @ShootersUnion could help with.


I honestly don’t think both groups would be able to keep up with all the stupid Shit wapol come up with let alone the other state registries.

Without a minister willing to rip wapol a new one for over reaching we won’t beat them by individual court cases. It’s people power but we just don’t have the people.


What’s the definition of a handgun in WA? I had a look through the legislation but couldn’t find anything - in QLD, for example, a handgun is any firearm less than 75cm long is a handgun.

Is it possible this gun is too short to be an “air rifle”?

Still a stupid decision, obviously.

As @Gregfiddich points out, there’s basically no political impetus in WA to change the laws and the Premier has openly said “Fuck you, I hate you” to the shooting community there too.

According to the firearms act it defines a hand gun as:

handgun means any lethal firearm and any other weapon of any
length of barrel —
(a) which is reasonably capable of being carried or
concealed about the person; and
(b) which when used can be aimed and fired or discharged
from one hand; and
© from which any shot, bullet, or other missile can be
discharged or propelled, or which, by any alteration in
the construction or fabric thereof can be made capable of
discharging or propelling any shot, bullet or other

Sooooo based on that definition, if you can call it that, I am thinking Rossi Overland SxS will soon make it into Cat H and then banned territory?

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The last 2 guns I have purchased were driven by possible bans or restrictions. Been a long time since I have had an air rifle. I used to have a couple of different types. Starting with the classic break barrel and then I upgraded to an under lever so there was never any movement in the barrel. I shot heaps of sparrows in the shed and put one or two holes in the tin.

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Ffs, wankers just had to slip the “lethal and weapon” keywords in :roll_eyes:

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