Wanted: Ruger 7.62x39 10 shot mag (Mini 30)

Wanted: Ruger 7.62x39 10 shot mag (Mini 30)

Are these ones any good? Or are you chasing genuine Ruger ones?


Thanks, @JSS - last time I rang, someone either was lazy to check or they didn’t have any. Decided to try again, magic… And at that price, oh my!

Cool, i love it when that happens, you ring up expecting the worst ,then Bingpot!!

I find that happens regularly there lol, either that or they clearly have nfi what you’re asking them and just go to the default answer of “no” lol. These days i ask for one or two people there by name and wait if they’re busy, at least i know i’m getting a bloke who knows about their shop and guns.

So…they had them all along. You need to work on your Cleaver alien non people skills man.

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