WANTED box of factory 303-25 cartridges

If anyone has surplus to their collection and is willing to part with a box of 303-25 ammo, please PM.

I can load, not an issue. I just want a box of factory ammo for my Straymore.

To the best of my knowledge golden flash are the only company producing them.

Unique Munitions in Brisbane make ammunition in .303/25 too

Nice, I know there is a mob up there reforming brass too, not that that helps JS.

" not that that helps JS"

Not much short of medical care and scientific experimentation will be able to help him. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Like I said, factory. I don’t need some banana bender loading for me, I am sure I’d take a lot more care with my loads than he would with my loads. I have brass and pills… Like I said, I wanted factory.

Good luck; they stopped making factory ammo in the 1970s or early 1980s from what I can tell. Your best bet will be one of the gun shows.

Well, yeah, I know.