Waiting for PTAs

Waiting for PTAs to arrive is tiresome. I come home from work hopeful , excited about the future. I check my mail box then shake my fist at ‘the man’ , " where the fk is my piece of paper you bstards. " . Having to write that stupid letter annoyed me. I complied and wrote a nice letter. Now I sit and wait for our overlords to grant this peasant permission to own a legal item. And now it’s Friday so no chance till at least Monday. I am a patient man, but this bureaucratic hoop jumping does not improve my opinion of our government.
End rant.

That’s why I started doing it myself and pre-empt the letter… Include it in the email.

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I love your practice of “if they take too long I’ll just put in another one” and buy more guns!

Ssshhhhh shush shush lol

The most annoying part for me is they make such a song and dance about it, but for some like us there is actually no valid reason for it. We have passed the ownership number by such a margin that there is no point in the bloody practice but bureaucratic bloody-mindedness! Pity we don;t get a vote on them, the Pubic Service might improve.


I like sending off multiple PTAs at the same time, that way when they come through it’s much more like Xmas.
I have to say up here in Qld they’ve been pretty good with their processing times lately, i always tick the “fax to dealer” box which saves all the BS postage time and eliminates the old “it must have got lost in the mail” excuse.

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