Wadcutters- do you?

Anyone load wadcutters for sport or fun? Why? Why not?

I shoot the ultimate fudd match aka Service Pistol and its full of geriatrics on their last legs shooting 2.1grains of matchstick scrapings behind a whopping 100grain semi wadcutter seated deeper than a something’s something. Not the most exciting morning, but nevertheless, I reckon 357mag with full wadcutters in 148 or 158 grain weights are the ticket. Why dont these old guys shoot anything cool?

Lighter bullet, less recoil for faster follow up shots, I would think.

Maybe those “old phart” geriatrics have learnt a thing or two along the way.
Why shoot full-house loads when a nice light one will punch holes in paper with just as much (or, maybe more) accuracy as your combo?
Old aint necessarily stupid.


I agree with everyone.
Sometimes you just want to rattle your bones, accuracy and follow up shots are important, but they’re not everything!


If you shoot “service” match you use a service pistol and i think you should have to use an equivalent of service spec ammo, if you want better accuracy and quicker follow ups then get better at shooting. If not then just be honest that you can’t hack it and use a nice little .22 and have no recoil and great accuracy. If you want to shoot a manly 357 then take the good with the bad.
Bunch of soft old farts…sheeesh. :grin:

Maybe they should start an arthritic osteoporosis match for those who like to use one grain of powder per round. :rofl:

Maybe we will all end up going full circle…We start with one of these and maybe we’ll need go back to them at some stage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s opinions and rules. Often they don’t correlate.

Personally, I’m with @JSS on this one. A Service match should be shot with ammunition that closely represents service ammunition. If one cannot handle that, get a smaller calibre. It’s my pet peeve, when I throw fireballs with big boy 45ACP load and everyone asks me why. Because that’s the ammo the handgun was designed to shoot, that’s why. And if I wanted something smaller, I’d be using a smaller calibre. That’s the common sense approach. And I think it’s in the spirit of the competition. To pretend that you’re a crack shot with a brick of a handgun shooting significantly underpowered loads in my opinion is just being in denial.

And then there are rules.

Service match rules dictate 60,000 power factor for 25yd match. For comparison, my mild, minor ICOR power factor using that formula is just over 134,000; with 158gr bullet at around 850fps. So halving that brings you to a matchstick worth of powder and here’s your answer. If you are doing a 25yd match and want to be competitive, you’d play by the rules, reduce recoil and seat the bullet lower to increase pressure (velocity)… Not really in the spirit of things, but within the rules.

Service match is also shot at around 120,000 power factor, but I guess that’s at a different distance.


Dammit, all the answers are what I already knew. Next time, all of you please just lie and then I can go out and do what you say and find out it’s wrong, then fix it and be back to square one but at least I can say 'Ha, I showed all of them!


Sorry, i was lying before…The truth is that wad cutters with one grain of powder are a “real mans” load and will instantly make your penis twice the size. Women will want you & men will want to be you.
You MUST try it as nothing else will ever come close. :smiley: