WA shooting....

well, fuck.

from 3min 50sec about

All teenagers to be banned in WA

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Fark. Not good…

It comes after string of other attacks at schools all being filmed.

There is clearly a de-evolution in people these days, go back 20 years and every ute had a gun accessible in it but kids didn’t shoot at a school.


From my understanding it’s illegal for 15 year olds to handle firearms without 1:1 licensed adult supervision

From my understanding it’s illegal for 15 year olds to drive their dad’s car on public roads

From my understanding it’s illegal for anyone to discharge a firearm in a public carpark.

Add charges for firing into an admin building…

But that won’t stop them screwing over people who don’t break the law despite the police commissioner say this is a one off event and unlikely to reoccur.

He was a former student, it’s a Christian school… Makes you wonder what motivated a clearly disturbed child.

Finally thank God no-one was injured by the bullets that went into the demountable


I support Gun Free Zones!

No wait, I mean Free Gun Zones…

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I honestly thought it would turn out to be a gel blaster or nerf gun painted black - bit of a mental health issue i think

I thought that too :confused:

Have they said yet where he got it from? Is dad in a whole world of shit now too?

Yeah, dad’s 243 and .22, after he’d been expelled from the school and presumably home alone.

I presume he shot the 243 as that’d likely have a 3 round magazine?

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Worse than I first thought. Three 243 rounds into a demountable with students inside.

The family must be going through hell.

Maybe he thought the dirty old preist was in the school…

WA intigates buy back after latest Mass Bulling!

Papiloma qoted as saying “Nobody needs a high cowpacity assult cow!”

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well, fuck
Bullet fired through window at public school in Sydney’s south-west | 9 News Australia - YouTube

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Feeling paranoid yet?

Yes actually lol. The convenience of the timing is almost beyond belief.
From memory there’s been nothing since 2004 or 2005 when that Asian kid went nuts with all the pistols which kicked off the second buyback and national reform on handgun rules, now two in a couple of weeks right when they want to limit gun numbers.

Well that’s it i’m getting the polish out, my tin foil hat’s been in the cupboard gathering dust for way too long. If we get another one within the next 2 months i’m calling a reboot of Mk-Ultra :laughing:


Asking for dashcam footage…lol of what? A speeding bullet?

Its very sad that a family ends this way, but fuck that guy for the disservice it does to the rest of us who don’t shoot our kids but will be treated as though we will!

This happened in my local area and my partner used to work with the guy.


Jesus that’s sad and so messed up, poor kid and family.
And yes on top of the obvious reason for “fuck him”, doubly Fuck him because this one ticks all their “guns must go” boxes. They’re going to have a field day with this one.

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