WA refugee - Could I interest you in a Remington 700 long range tactical in 300wm ?

The fire sales begin - mate offered this to me today, 2 years ago I would have snapped it up. I offered to share it for him.

His description:

Remington 700 XCR LRT
Bottom drop box magazine conversion
Badger Ordinance stock
Cerekoted all over
1x mag
174 factory rounds comes with it
First Gen Viper Vortex scope (the American version before they turned to shit being made in Taiwan)

Asking for offers above 2k, PM me for his details.

@Mullmans are you sure it’s a WSM & not Win Mag? Looks like a long action and the ammo in the photo is Win Mag.

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I’d go with the ammo, I’ll edit.

I have no idea what it’s worth but I assume the ammo was a bit

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Pain in the arse to ship the ammo to Australia though unfortunately :confused:

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