WA Police officer held to higher standard and severely punished for multiple breaches of storage regs and posession of of dangerous toy gun

Just kidding

Severely punished? Yeh, right.
Failed to surrender a banned item. Inadequately secured, or totally unsecured ammunition.
Has been spared having a conviction recorded - granted a spent conviction. A fine, plus costs, of about a weeks pay.
Hardly being held to a ‘higher standard’.
Or, if that really is the higher standard, how would that standard now be applied to other LAFO who “forgot”?

Like most communist dictatorships western australia is as corrupt as fuck!
They can go and…


Only in WA, typical entitled assholes!

The bit that i like is the ammo in with the gun in the bedroom safe… Almost guaranteed it was a small safe and a handgun, can’t imagine the reason for that combo lol . If it was anyone else guns taken and licence revoked.
BUT on the bright side for anyone with decent lawyers a legal precedent in sentencing has now been set.


Was just thinking the same thing.


In terms of handguns I imagine it’s illegal to have charged magazines anywhere other than at the range.

I have wondered (purely hypothetically) if you had a speed loader or moon clips with rounds in it or even a speed loader loading box with rounds in it in your ammunition safe or being transported in a vehicle like this would that be illegal?

If the box had a padlock on it inside a single compartment safe that’s technically stored in a seperate ammunition compartment?

The gun shop said you can stick a padlock on an ammo can and put it in the same compartment as your rifles. Is that because they are made of steel?

And no for the glowies reading this, my safe isn’t in my bedroom anymore. I’d rather be done for holding a baseball bat than risk a firearms offence.

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I could be wrong but i’ve always been of the belief that so long as they’re secure & stored separately to the firearm magazines can be stored and transported loaded. Out of curiosity I’ve looked at the Qld regs in the past and couldn’t find anything anywhere that states otherwise, so i figure if they haven’t stated that “it’s a no no” then it’s all good. But that’s just me, and like i said i could be wrong.