WA police asking LAFOs for justification for calibers larger than 308

Fun, fun, fun. WA at it again. It’s terrifying to think that we actually have a literal ‘police state’ state in a civilized 1st world country.

Its not a good thing and I have seen on FB a few shooters siding with the authorities about justifying the purpose and skill of people wanting to shoot long range.
Its about time gun owners stopped thinking of themselves and got together to stand up for all the shooting sports.
To have to prove your skill before you get a gun is stupid you need the gun to practice and gain skill.

yeah, agreed. its the kind of catch 22 thats designed to kill off the sport.
I’ve often thought how good it would be to get all of Australias 800K shooters to move to vic and all vote as a block, we could take over the democratic system here and then branch out and conquer the whole country state by state!

Id like to see the police prove their skills with pistols and semi’s, well the ones that are used on duty and not at home anyway, i think a fair amount wouldn’t qualify