WA election preferences see Labor put Shooters above Greens in two Upper House regions

…the mind boggles. Whyyyyyyy

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Maybe they’re finally working out that us evil shooters are actually far less trouble than those whinging protesting do-gooder wankers.

I was wondering about the other way… What does SFFP gain from this? Although they are really more of a farming party now, nothing to do with shooters, so maybe something on that front.

Labor wants to threaten the Liberals in rural seats which it knows cannot be won by Labor. Supporting the Greens there is an absolute was of time because if Labor doesn’t have a chance then the Greens certainly don’t. However, the SFFP might have a chance, especially if they get Labor preferences behind them.

SFFP taking Liberal/National seats means a weakened conservative wing in the state, and that is great for Labor. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” and all that.


The Labor Party has put the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers (SFF) Party second, ahead of the Greens, in the Agricultural Region as well as the Mining and Pastoral Region.

Probably places that would have never really swung Greens anyway. This way at least Labor potentially gets a good backroom deal without pissing off the local constituency anyway.

Plus, this is for their version of the Senate, so having a good relationship with a minor that can swing with and against government could be important, whereas the Greens usually aligned with Labor on most policies anyway.

Similar to how Labor on occasion panders to the AJP and Reason here in Vic. Or even Derryn Hinch’s party who they’ve preferenced in the past.

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Look at how SFF supported dictator dan and you’ll see why


I can’t believe everyone is buying this bullshit. When do we trust the ABC with anything. It is more likely the libs trying to take a hit at labour by associating them with shooters.

At the end of the day if you care about shooting take the few extra minutes and number every box below the line. Don’t leave your vote to any one else to make.


Have a look at the agricultural region. Ross Williamson is the most successful firearms lawyer in WA and luckily is who I get to vote for. Bevan Steel owns a gun shop in Narrogin. If anyone thinks these guys don’t care about shooters is delusional. They are doing what politics require.

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What do you make of these political maneuvers @NationalShootingCouncil ?

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The bit that concerns me is that Bevan Steel, who is also the president of W.A.F.T.A has flatly refused to work with the NSC on any of the cases that they have brought to court. No help, no support and informing other members to have nothing to do with the NSC. The question is why…

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Because the shooting community as a whole has been small and close knit for so long that significant members of it have come to love being big fish in small ponds. Anything or anyone new who may threaten that needs to be excluded.

Same reason so many dying gun clubs couldn’t give a shit about new members and are often hostile to new shooters.


NSC and WATFA have different approaches to their causes which is fine, I am sure the Field & Game group approach things different also. People are different and is the reason we all don’t have the same love for old 12 gauges like @bentaz, variety is the spice of life.

The main aim as a group should be not to poo poo a group you don’t like, this helps no one. Just promote your group and the good work the group does, people will follow if they agree.

However, people choosing where their vote goes just because of a non political group doesn’t like another isn’t really helping anyone. Vote for all the pro gun parties, lib dems, one nation and SFFP just change your order of the 3 to suit your group preferences. If you put any major above any one of these parties you have no real interest in shooting.


If any from WA want to listen in Shooting Stuff Australia has Aaron Stonehouse on their show which will be live at 5pm tonight WA time.


@Gregfiddich , @Mullmans , @AusTac , @NationalShootingCouncil


Aaron is in my area and will definitely be getting my 1st vote. SFF will be up there too.

I don’t care if they have cut a deal with Labor, even if it is just to maintain the status quo. That’s probably not a bad idea with dear leader’s current popularity.

I hope it doesn’t kill Roe 8 but they voted the right way last time.

Greens will be dead last.


For those who don’t know it the NSC VP used to be a Labor staffer in Canberra for 6 or so years and has been involved in ALP Politics for over 25 years, so well versed in ALP Politics and tactics and the art of politics overall!

Politics are about numbers and deals…

Labor has thrown SFFP’s Mazza a “lifeline” guaranteeing his re-election with the preference deal.

Mazza and SFFP will “owe” the ALP…and Labor machine never gives or does freebies!

Mr Mazza will, like SFFP’s Bourman in Vic, be expected to vote with McClown’s government when the SFFP vote is needed…

Dark times for Shooters in WA are coming…

As for Ross Williamson and Bevan Steele running for SFFP and relations with the NSC, no comment at this point in time…after March 13 things could get interesting!



Couldn’t have said it better myself…ego’s and dick size/pissing competitions!


Heartfelt thanks.

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Yep, WA is screwed regardless.

Any court cases that the cops look like they will lose they generally settle outside of court so there are no decision recorded to set precedent. This means no ongoing change just constant court action.

Any scheduled meeting between WAPOL and a consultancy group results in WAPOL either neglecting to say their true intentions or just ignoring any discussions from the meetings.

We have too many died in the wool voters who will only vote the majors so unlikely to see any significant political change or pressure on the police minister to pull WAPOL in line.

We have had plenty of good bills introduced to parliament by Lib-dem and SFFP but only having a couple of seats doesn’t help them pass.

Overall while the negative stigma and/or ignorance to shooting in the community remains I have no real hope of any advancement in WA regardless of the good actions of any group.

Just buy as many guns you can while you can and a shitty boat…