WA Corruption & Crime Commission Finds No Misconduct By Police Minister Or Police

The WA firearm owners doxxing saga continues with the state’s corruption and misconduct watchdog declaring Police Minister Paul Papalia and WAPOL did nothing wrong when they released maps of the locations of registered firearms (and by extension, their owners) to the media back in March – which resulted in said maps being published on the front page of The West Australian and subsequently on the internet as well.

We filed a formal complaint with the Corruption & Crime Commission (CCC) within days of the event happening, but were unable to publicly discuss the matter due to the important confidentiality and procedural fairness requirements in place with the process to ensure its integrity.

We can now confirm the CCC has officially concluded its investigation and – to quote their letter to us – “the Commission is unable to form a suspicion of serious misconduct, because the Commission did not identify any information to suggest conduct amounting to police or serious misconduct had occurred”.

They further state “Accordingly, the Commission will take no further action pursuant to the CCM Act s33(1)(d).” (emphasis ours)

This is a concerning outcome – we’ve never encountered a situation where clear and obvious wrongdoing is so blatantly handwaved away by all levels of oversight with what amounts to “Nothing to see here, shut up and go away”, and having that sentiment echoed by the state’s media too.

We are expecting a full report from our WA lawyers in the coming weeks on other legal options available to us and will keep you posted – we’re not done yet.


please keep up the awesome work you are doing…


I suppose there is a difference between doing something that can be prosecuted by police and then there is just something that is very stupid to do which borders on assisting with the perpetration of a crime.

Either way good work and keep the pressure up to them. It may stop something in the future if they know the shooting community wont just take this shit without a fight.


Good work guys. Tough job in our commie state but appreciate what you do.


We’ve engaged a Perth law firm to do proper legal research and provide us with a formal opinion on what legal options (including civil law) might be available.

It’s costing multiple thousands of dollars, partly because we gather it’s pretty much uncharted territory, but it needs to be done so we can plan our next steps properly.


You know what to do fellas. When the left does things to initiate change, they secure funds. Empty your pockets now or I will personally put my hands inside and feel around until I get the satisfaction I want.

Please donate if you can. If we all contribute even just a little we can change things. That means you @juststarting. Don’t be ashamed by that little donation. Every (tiny) bit helps.


I would have, but you messed that up. Now I want you to feel around the inside of my pockets.


Out of respect for our agreement I shall not sully my postage with any further conversatie et al.

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I’ll gladly donate for a civil case against any of these fuckers… Taking away the protection their positions often provide them and making them PERSONALLY accountable is the only way to stop many of these bullshit decisions which are constantly being made across the board in all states.

Oh and @JizzFlinger there’s a money roll in my left pocket, all you have to do is come and feel around for it :laughing: