WA blanket ban on gel blasters

Hand them in before July 3rd or three years jail and $36 000 fine.

No ifs, no buts, no “licensing”

I thought the only one that could be holding the real one was the police officer, just as any normal person should assume that a 12 year old boy with a machine gun is holding a toy.

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Unless you’re in Africa…then just give him your money. :laughing:

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Dats raycii…correct.

You should watch the press conference. Straight dictator attitude and terminology.

The updated firearms regs are going to be interesting.

Do you have a link?

Yeah saw that, not great, weird that they have, err forgotten about other specific items though suspect i may be on a naughty list sometime in the near future when they get reminded, bunch of cu*ts

Link for you sir.

Interesting when a reporter already said it was illegal to threaten with a firearm or imitation firearm, dude just shut her down. See if you can pick when the commissioner contradicts himself about crims and illegal guns.

Hope you have Facebook because i can’t find un edited video outside of the stream below.

Media releases the days before today, can’t day they don’t take advantage of the media.