Virgin Airlines

Anyone travel with firearms on Virgin Airlines recently?

I’m specifically looking for their latest policy regarding guns or ammo in normal luggage.

    • Declare at check-in

    • Not permitted in carry-on baggage

    • Permitted in checked baggage

    • Only ammunition cartridges for weapons or small arms in Division 1.4s, UN0012 or UN0014 is permitted. This excludes ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles.

    • The ammunition must be securely packaged and in checked baggage only.

    • Ammunition packed in the same case as a firearm must be separated from the firearm by a partition or internal compartment.

    • A guest is permitted to take a quantity not exceeding 5kg of ammunition.

    • Limitations are per guest and allowances for more than one guest must not be combined into one or more packages.

    • Regulations and conditions of carriage for passengers travelling with firearms and ammunition including licenses, documentation and conditions imposed by countries or other carriers is the sole responsibility of the person travelling.

    • Please refer to Travelling with a Firearm for requirements of carriage.

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