violent reoffending scumbags

We lost a bright eyed 20yo the other night, well known to most Darwin suburbs wine-o’s and pissheads, he worked as a bottles shop jockey at the BWS at the Airport Hotel in Darwin. Super busy place.
His name was Declan. He was working the close shift on Sunday night, closing at 9pm. By law, he refused service to a drunk customer in the drive through and he was stabbed to death for it.

Barely 20yo, he was still someones kid. In his last moments he texted his Dad “Ive been stabbed, I love you”. Members of his family arrived at the popular shop too late. He was dead.

The c*nt that stabbed him was on bail, due to appear in court in April for a crime involving an edged weapon. Earlier in the day they had robbed someone or a bottleshop, something bad Im not 100% sure. He had a long history of assaults from his teenage years, serious charges and convictions, but because he had turned 18, all those priors had to be disregarded when considering his bail application by law.

Lawmakers, aka politicians created this situation, and justices applied it.

I am so sad, and so angry. Some people are upset because they think the ethnicity of the perp meant something in his bail application, it does not. What matters is disgusting hand wringing attitudes of lawmakers and appointees making decisions that kill the taxpayers who pay their wages just so they can play God and feel a certain way about dividing us across imagined lines. There isn’t a living being among us who does not share at least one genetically identifiable code. Its just not possible if you do the mathematic equation. Yeah even those fucking spear chuckers on the Sentinel Islands, they have some DNA that you do, and this spear chucker can find your DNA in me if we go back far enough. (I’ve had a LOT of DNA in me over the years. Best glory hole attendant and “trough boy” for years, ask any Sydneysider.) So its sad that this kid is dead, its annoying that people are aiming their spears at fellow citizens but its painful and insane that those making these stulid laws aren’t feeling the pain of this kids family.



RIP young fella. I can only imagine how devastated his family must be. I hope justice is found.

I really think we need the death penalty in this country…


Problem is then it is open to the slippery slope. Read in the new just today that Uganda has now approved the death penalty for Homosexuality. They find too many innocent men on death row in the US and ones they have killed already, coincidentally most of them are black.


Yeah there needs to be some checks and balances i reckon. But for these scumbags that keep commiting violent crimes over and over again, fuck em! Maybe a thee strike ruling, then if one of them is a mistake, oh well, two out’a three aint bad!


I would be happy with three strikes. It’s not like we are talking stealing milk to feed the kids then dead. These are violent offenders. In a country that doesn’t let us look after ourselves we have to do something to stop those who abuse the system.


Bring back the blood code, or at least use it for heinous crimes like child rapes and murders.

The death penalty can be fairly applied in the days of DNA and CCTV.

I think all twelve jurors agreeing on the death penalty is a suitably high standard. There’s enough bleeding hearts out there that it would almost never be used but it would be an option.


I wish I had as much faith in people that you do. I haven’t seen any significant changes in society that would convince me that discrimination and scapegoats are a thing of the past.

Oh i dont think i have any more faith in people than you do and i dont think anyone in Australia has any faith left in our “justice” system.
I just dont see the point in spending millions of dollars keeping these scumbags warm and fed in gaol when we apparently cant afford to fix fucking potholes.


The bottlo is still closed, the drive through is chockers with wreathes and flowers. Its on a very busy road that joins the Northern Suburbs of Darwin to the Satellite city of Palmerston, so half of Darwin drive past every day. We’re like a big country town, you know everyone.
Politicians are talking about new laws and permits to drink. Whatever. I really liked that fella, he was always making sure everything was done right. I won’t say anymore now.



Let’s hope he is in a better place.


Sorry to hear mate. These violent reoffending scumbags that keep getting let off and ruining good peoples lives makes my blood boil.
Rip Declan.

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100% we do!!!

We’re talking about fairh in the human race… nek minute…
I wake up to see this this morning, the human race needs a death sentence.
If anyones looking for me I’ll be in the yard burning car batterys and Styrofoam, just speeding up that climate change!


I know of some tyre stockpiles that may help put a dent in it also.


Bloody Mondays eh?