Vimeo video site?

Does anyone here use vimeo? I’d never heard of it (simple hill Billy that I am) but a YouTube channel I was watching said to go over to their vimeo page to see the content that YouTube won’t let them post.
Anyway do you use it, is It any good?

Only when its a link that goes to it, and only watching not uploading. Works well enough that I don’t notice that its any particular video site.

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Yeah, Vimeo was a major competitor to YouTube, until Google started paying people for videos, at which stage everyone went to YouTube and other sites slowly died off or dying off.

It seems with YouTube getting more lefty and demonetizing more and more content some people are heading back

I find that some stuff still ends up in Vimeo after it gets copyright struck off YouTube. Vimeo are way more lax with the infringements.