Victorian Shotgun Reclassification

From what I’ve seen on reddit, the two biggest changes for Victorians are that:

  1. We no longer need to have our address on our licences.

  2. Cat A/B Lever shotguns with more than 5 round capacity are going to become Cat D. However, the policy will be grandfathered in, so if you currently own one, you can continue to use it.

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It was in the works for a while. good thing for those who have one, is that they can continue to have one.

Overall, an interesting read.

Did many of the 7 shot adlers come into the country?

One billion trillion gazillions. That’s why the crime rate is so high. It would have been a lot lower if they came in with 2 less ammunitions from the beginning.


I did wonder why I keep getting shot all the time.

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That’s why, that’s the extra two ammunition bullets.

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There’s some really interesting stuff in link, not just about shotguns. Good reading. Well, depends what you consider good reading, but I thought it is.

Although we all know it’s a complete wank. I have my doubts it would realistically effect many users.

I think if you legally modify it, it’s also okay.

the only impact I am seeing, is selling one. If you have a 5+ shot and have been grandfathered in… What owners of 5+ shotguns should do right now is to add filler the tube and make it 5 rounds. Then update LRD. That way you are good to go and to sell. That’s really the only impact.

Good point, i cant imagine there is much of a market for Cat D firearms

Eh, sort of, there’s certainly a market, but anyone who has a Cat D - why would they want a lever action shotgun, when they can get an AR or a semi shotgun with a fucking drum mag!


To be honest I don’t think there is a market for lever action shotguns, full stop.

No-one buying your Radler?

Nope, and I don’t blame them When you can buy a straight pull for only a smidge more. I wouldn’t buy one that’s for sure.

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There was a lot of hype when the adler came out and a lot of people bought them just to give the finger to gca and the tard / fudd crew.
I only have one because I got it as part of a trade for my carcano.
I don’t mind if it just sits in my shotgun collection, it is an iconic piece of Australian firearms history I guess.

Yeh, talk it up. Lol