Victoria Police Commisioner address me on National TV

The Victorian Police Commissioner gave a shout out to me and and few friends on National TV tonight. Commenting that the Tin Foil Hat wearing brigade were well and alive out there. :grinning: Its nice to be recognized once in a while.


And you deserve some recognition too mate, well done and we’re proud of you!

We are not proud of him! He’s a fool that endangered us all. Watching TV from your own home without protection! That’s how they get you, through brian waves tracking. Bug-out now! Go, go, go.

Phone books in the doors of the car and ceramic tiles glued to the outside. Verified by demolition Ranch and Taofledermaus :smiley: Family bunkered down on the back seat Tin foil hats back on so we cant be traced, and we are off. Headed North to Mad Max country. Thats where it is going to be at.


Daily reminder: Everything I have ever said online or in person anywhere is complete satire and not actually my own feelings, intents, opinions actionable thoughts or otherwise.