Victoria: online Licence applications and renewals.

Firearm Licensing
Electronic Lodgement
25 MARCH 2019!

Electronic Lodgement Process (ELP) for new firearm licences Will go live on 25 March 2019
We are almost there!
This is Release 2 of the project (Release 1 being new private security licences) which will result in the majority of manual (hardcopy) firearm licence application forms being replaced with electronic forms. Online application forms will be available using the Victoria Police eServices portal.
Through the eServices portal new applicants will be able to submit:
• New longarm licence applications (Categories A/B, C, D or E longarms).
• New handgun Licence applications (General Category or Category E handguns).
• New junior firearm licence applications
• New heirloom licence applications
• Provisional general category handgun licence applications
The following forms are not yet online:
• Corporate licence
• Ammunition, antique handgun, Category 1 and Category 2 Collectors licence
• Paintball marker licence
• International visitor permit
• Firearm licence renewal (all categories)
Existing hardcopy applications will no longer be available from police stations, firearm dealer stores, shooting ranges or for download. Licensing and Regulation Division will cease accepting hard copy applications from 24 April 2019.
Licensing and Regulation Division will provide ongoing technical support as we have with Release 1.
Licensing and Regulation Division looks forward to supporting the wider firearms community with this modern and efficient new application process.

On top of this you can now email PTA’s directly to LRD instead of using snail mail.
Keep up the good work guys!

I emailed over a week ago. Still crickets. Snail mail was a week.

They probably get forwarded to the WA licensing branch for them to sort out. If so you only have a couple more days to wait, or 10 or more lol.

Alright fellas, email PTA (Victoria specific)…

Emailed a PTA submission, completed on my computer in full. Turnaround pretty much a week.

Not bad at all. I like it.


Its a long way from a year ago or so when you could get one in store while you wait. That was really good for both us and the gun shops impulse buys were possible.


yeah, 15 mins was my fastest.

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So what is the process? Do you print out this - Then after you fill it out scan it and email it back?
Or is there an online version?

If I remember correctly the online system will be unveiled on monday.

Great I need to get one soon.

Something tells me the licensing department might have gotten some irate emails from wife complaining about the impulse buying lol

Based-on first review draft and what some people here mentioned about shop owners complaining, I think the artificial wait period is purely based on agents (shops) complaining. Or, going by the simplest explanation is usually the correct one - they are probably understaffed and overworked.

I’m tipping on the latter, any dealer that could string together a complaining email could set up an account to do online permits.

Sorry to dredge up an old thread, just wanting to check that I can scan through PTAs to Vic LRD via email?

Having to do a PTA myself for the first time.

Yes you can.

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Thank you.

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