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VICTORIA POLICE - REGULATORY SERVICES DEPARTMENT - Update to Permit to Acquire a Longarm (PTAL) Application

The Permit to Acquire (PTA) a Longarm Application has been converted from a PDF/hand-fill form to an eForm.

From Wednesday the 1st September, a link to the PTAL eForm will be publicly accessible, with no login required.

• Users will access the eForm directly from our website, complete the application and submit it online.
• Once submitted, the application will be automatically emailed to LRD for processing.

Note: There will be a four-week transition period, in which the PDF/hand-fill form will also remain available. However, after that date the PDF/hand-fill version of the form will be retired from the Victoria Police Website.

This new process has no effect on applications lodged through the Online Dealers System (OLDS). Rather, this process aims to deliver an efficient and modernised solution for manual PTA applications.

Other than the way in which a PTA Longarm application is lodged, the rest of the process remains unchanged. As per current practice, there will be no upfront permit fees. The payment notice will continue to be issued with the PTA.

Whilst the form content remains largely the same, users will be asked to nominate how they would like their permit issued: sent to them by post or electronically to an authorised online firearms dealer.

For the time-being, the PTA Handgun application will remain as a PDF/hand-fill application form. However, there is a plan to also convert this to an online form in the future.

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