VIC LRD, dickpics, and that's only the beginning...

Well, ummm, SIFA is going to have a field day with this, ROFL. Nice one. another nail in the coffin.


Seriously, I just don’t know any more, from missing guns to accessing a database (I am guessing they mean the registration database). There is just so much wrong with this… Scary. And now think about all the other states and occasions where this didn’t get picked up.

(If you hit a paywall, open the link in ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ mode)

I’ve lost all faith recently with our dealings that you were around for as well @juststarting, i remember watching the police physically filling out the paper work during my last inspection and though nothing of it, don’t know the purpose of inspections if nothing then happens or is updated as it needs to be. The whole systems a joke from the inside out. :roll_eyes:

Fills your soul with confidence doesn’t it…

Yep, fills it with something.

The database they are referring to I think is the LEAP database it has information on every-time you even spoke to a police officer. When the police do any checks like roadside or if they are visiting a house for something they run your name and car license number it comes back with every infringement notice, priors, warnings, mental health car license history and firearms license history.

He was obviously doing some background checks on the ladies, my guess he was probably looking for someone he could intimidate, bully due to their background.

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I knew about crimtrac but not that database, interesting stuff

And everyone says that the WA system is f#$%ed but I think the Vic system is taking over.

System is fine, people who run it are f’d up. WA, that’s messed up at the foundation. $180 for a PTA, that’s robbery.


Stop smoking crack mate! Our system could be better but WA’s couldn’t be worse!

Ha, I wish I could afford crack. I spent all my money on guns.

Not you crackhead, that westralian crackhead!


@GUN-DMC Good to see that you have returned to the land of the living. @juststarting If you move over here you can afford to buy crack cause you wont be spending as much on guns.

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Oh man, that’s awesome, I’d love to. We could buy Bolshevik outfits and wear caps with red stars, while signing some sort of a communi… No, fuck that, in staying here.

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Awww come on, I have feelings you know.
I know this because I seen them lying around in a box the other day. :heart_eyes::joy::rofl::joy:

Note to self: Must get them out and take them for a spin and see if they still work.