VIC government petition for suppressors

Hi all

Little data security warning for everyone.

There’s currently a petition before Victorian government, in regards to suppressor availability.

The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that ownership and use of noise suppressors by licensed firearm owners in Victoria is not prohibited. The Chief Commissioner of Police refuses to grant permits to acquire or use suppressors to any shooters other than professional shooters.
Competition, sports, and recreational shooters should be entitled to access the same ‘best practice’ hearing protection options as all other Australians, which is required by Occupational Health and Safety legislation in work environments.
This petition will show the Government that shooters want the same protection for their hearing as ordinary citizens undertaking recreational pursuits and that they want permits issued so that licensed shooters can own and use suppressors.

This is excellent, however, please note that your details, including full name and residential address will be made public; and available via information requests.

I am aware once an e-petition is tabled in the Council it becomes a public document and forms part of the Original Papers of the House. As with a traditional paper petition, the names and addresses of signatories will be recorded and published in a tabled e-petition.

Essentially, telling the internet where your guns are. Keep that in mind.