VIC elections outcomes

Well, this doesn’t look good… Shitfuck! Turrets are kicking in.

Discuss, analysis?

About what I expected, maybe a bigger swing than I thought. Who is Matthew Guy? What does he believe in? kept under wraps for 3 years and trotted out at election time, he was unknown to the electorate. Then they had to mention new coal, to keep the Dolt and McCannt factions quiet but still don’t understand coal is election death, it will be the end of Federal Liberal as well. What put me off (and a lot of others I spoke with) was this moronic idea of privatising the sewerage works, we are suffering from Kennetts privatising of the roads and power, now the Libtards want to make us pay to crap! When the bloodletting starts on Monday I hope the “advisors” who so poorly handled Guy are first on the chopping block. The only good to come out of this is the Greens become irrelevant, a close call with those sucks holding the balance of power (no matter for who, as Libs will stuff us as quick as labour for political gain) would have been the worst outcome for shooters, Cheers.

I’ve just got back from O/S but heard that labour won? My undetstanding of politics is basic at best, is that good or bad for us?

Most people will tell you labour is bad for shooters but I only seem to remember liberal gun grabbing (96, Adler, etc.).
Labour and the greens are tight when labour need support but with an overwhelming majority like this the greens will go back to being that bastard red headed stepchild no one likes!

Will it be bad for us? I don’t know, but I do know that the major parties are only interested in keeping their noses in the trough and they are learning that pushing us around is getting harder to do as shooters are (slowly) getting off there arses and fighting for their rights .

I personally will be watching with interest as normally what happens over your way eventually comes our way but gets even more screwed up before it gets here.

And a few other things that were “ramed through the parliament” by Jack boot Jeff Kennett.
I have 0 time for him. Hurt a lot of people, and some are still hurting.

Have no time for major parties. Always vote independents or in this case SFFP.


I’m not sure if I should celebrate or feel commiseration, so I bought a new gun just in case.

This is good therapy, I highly approve of your desire to maintain a good balance!

I haven’t looked at the results as yet how did the Shooters party and other farmer friendly candidates do? I know I did my bit and followed the voting suggestions of the Aus Deer and SSAA put out.