Vic 2022 election

Jesus, i can’t believe there are people alive outside of WA wanting this shit we are in.

@Gregfiddich I am just going to leave this here:
Premier Daniel Andrews racked up $1m Facebook ad spend bill | — Australia’s leading news site

Very Putinny. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of those profiles are farmed.


I hope so, anyone wishing for a one sided parliament like this need their head read.

Did anyone else see the debate on sky news?
I wonder why, now that I know its actually possible, why Mathew Guy has never made a public statement. For the last couple of years I doubt anybody knew his name let alone had heard him speak. He didn’t do too bad a job, probably to little too late though.

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Similar to over here. The libs decided to run a newbie well intentioned person in a really tough race. I wonder if it was just a sacrifice so the old encrusted party members didn’t lose a job.

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I love the bloke with the DANOUT number plates on the news…vicroads were good with them, but not now!

Back in May i was in Kalbarri WA speaking to some happy camper’s next to us, who were WA residents, and they hated McGowan, but they said most WA people LOVE him! WTF? Him and Dan are simply brothers from different mothers.

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That’s what’s weird, most people i know don’t like him either but he got so many votes.