Vanguard Bipod Review

Bipods are an interesting item costing from $30 to $400 and that is just the Hunter Market type that typically connect to QD studs.
This is one of those the Vanguard a top of the line model I believe.!

The legs only have two positions folded forward on down similar in function to the atlas.
The unit is a Pic Rail mounted bipod and it comes with two QD stud to Pic Rail so the bipod and be easily swapped between two rifles.
The Legs can be extended by loosening the thread nut at the base of the leg and it can be extended up to about 3 inches. There are no notches so continuous movement can be achieved

The base of the legs have a rubber stopper that can be wound back to reveal a metal point that could give you more grip on soft ground.

The top of the bipod is able to pan left and right great if your intended target takes a few steps either way

The one feature that I really dont like is the way the bipod handles the issue of cant. To do this there is a spring just below the mounting bracket.

To adjust your cant you have to muscle the rifle from the horizontal trying to look at your level and keep the rifle steady against this spring you are fighting with.
In conclusion good shots happen when the rifle is well supported in the still position and when it recoils it tracks back and maintains the cross hairs on the target. When using this bipod no matter how much you load it you are fighting against to may forces and when it comes to the recoil it could go anywhere. A very tight hold is required to get any type of acceptable result from this bipod.