Vacuum Bags and heat sealed bags

I am surprised we have not had a dedicated thread to these items. I know a few people have inquired about them in the past. Some here use them to store ammo and others use them for storing meat. Some just to prevent freezer burn when a thin bag tears . Others to really get that extra life out of the meat.

I have just ventured into the process with a cheap machine from China on the way courtesy of Ali express.

I will post up a Review the machine and quality of process. Please anyone that uses a unit post some info on them as I am sure that if I have an interest others will have too.

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Is yours a chamber machine or one of the domestic types that require the ribbed bags?

I find them great for freezing stuff and if you add marinades, the vacuum will give them the effect of an overnight marinade in about an hour, the time it takes to freeze anyway.

I love em.

When it gets here I will let you know. All I know is that the bags dont have a plug that is used for the vacuum. The bags can come in a roll or be pre made.

I’ve got a Luvele, it’s my second one now, i use it to vac seal fresh fish, i’d never eat frozen fish until we started vac sealing it when we caught it, it makes such a difference. Vac sealing meat & stew bases for camping makes life easy too.
It also gets a fair workout sealing ammo, I’ve even sealed a few guns i never use just so i don’t have to worry about maintenance while they’re stored. A tip for sealing rifles, leave 2-300mm of extra bag length and seal the very end, then you can cut the tip off to get in to check on them if you want, then reseal them back in the same bag.


Got a pic?

The chamber types are where you place say a bag of soup in the chamber box, close the lid and then you vacuum out all the air from the chamber before sealing the bag. On returning the chamber to atmosphere, the contents of the bag are in a vacuum instead. Kind of like a balloon in a vacuum.
This is me explaining after a few rums btw.

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I’ve just got a cheap Aldi one, mostly use it for Sous Vide cooking. It is good for storage too.