V22 barreled action

Anyone here keen to drop 3 grand on half a single shot .22?

Seems a little bit overpriced to me.

Mmmmm, yeah, nah. Very cool looking machine though.

Id want to be able to sit it on the bench and for it to win comps for me at that price!

I’d want it to make cuppa’s and give wristy’s for that price.

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Its for those that want to look TAC. Really it is not even in the 22 small bore competition grade of rifles. If it was suitable for that it wouldn’t be overpriced but just as a cool looking 22 that probably shoots quite well it is a bit over the top.

@Tempestman how’s that for your first 22? Eh!

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Only if I had more money than sense :wink:

On a serious note, what’s something like this used for? Someone above mentioned competitive shooting, but I guess the very uninformed image I have in mind for comps is really long range stuff, which I thought used bigger rounds?

Mmm, no, 22LR is a competition round. There’s probably more competitions/disciplines using 22LR than any other.

What this rifle would be used for? Swag man, swag! To look awesome and have street cred when talking to people at the range lol It was a joke, by the way, it’s an excessively overpriced gun.

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