USA company making new Martini rifles

Damko USA (yeah I’ve never heard of them before either) are going to be releasing modern, full size Martini rifles. Chambered in 25-35, 30-30, 30-40krag & just for @juststarting a 44mag.
Quality Pac-Nor barrels, open, peep sight or scoped options.

They look really nice, no idea on prices though so not sure it if will command the sort of prices that other single shots like the winchester highwall or ruger number 1.
I’d love to try one in 30-30 (always been on the lookout for a savage 340), I’ve always thought it could be a much better round if it wasn’t constrained by the tube mag on leveraction rifles.

Jump over to this forum and have a read.
US$1700 for the “basic” model.

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So basically its going to be priced right out of the Australian market, You could rebarrel a ME much cheaper than that.
From reading the discussion on the link oldAG shared this action is sized in between the cadet and full size martini actions.
they would be great if they came here for a decent price.

The only, really, the only, way this modern knock off could be alright is if they came in weird calibres and cost under $500. Other than that, why would anyone want an overpriced modern single shot when there are so many better and more functional guns.

Now, don’t get me wrong oddball single shots have a special place in my safe. I like them a lot. But at that price point, I’d rather get a good gun, after market stock and probably have money left over for a scope.

Unfortunately I have to agree, when I made my initial post I had no idea what they would cost.
you could build a top notch custom rifle on a cadet or MH / ME action much cheaper.

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I wonder if they would have that micro groove rifling. I have never owned one but it just seems wrong to me. I have a new 5R rifling and even that just seems a little wrong. I must just be too Straight, old fashioned, traditional, or _ _ _ I like a good sharp Rifling and groove and force that bullet down the barrel leaving a good solid imprint on it. :grin: