Update: I fixed my shotgun (disassembly question)

So I was doing some maintenance on a few different firearms this evening. Just checking for any rust , clear and function check and a wipe down with oil.
Get to the under n over shotty. A cheap and cheerful Akkar Churchill. Last time I fired it was a few months ago. When I opened the action, it felt tight and wierd. When I closed the action it felt ok. I dry fired and the trigger felt weird and gritty. I pulled the trigger again and it set off the second firing pin. It’s an inertia based trigger and shouldn’t do that. Open and closed the action , dry fired, same feeling in trigger ,same result. Repeatable issue, Houston, we have a problem.

It then dawned on me that I have never fully disassembled a double barrel shotgun beyond removing the forestock and seperating the barrel.

How to disassemble a shotgun?

Anyone have a Churchill or similar shotgun that could give me a starting point. Or perhaps point me towards a suitable website. Haven’t had a lot of luck yet.
If it’s anything serious I will take it to the LGS, but would like to have a sticky beak first.

Not sure if this helps or if you have it already.


Beyond that I can’t help.

Sorry I can’t help, never owned an under over.

Will this help?

Or this one?

I will watch them tomorrow, thanks. From the exploded diagram it would appear it has a stock bolt up it’s jaxy. Looks like the recoil pad will need to come off then I should be able to.remove the buttstock. That should give access to the trigger assembly.

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Good luck with it, mate. Hopefully all it needs is a bit of a clean up.

How did you go with it @Supaduke, did you get it sorted?

Haven’t had time to look at it yet. Need to get off my butt and have a go.

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So I pulled the Akkar apart. Mucked about with various socket sizes , getting increasingly angry and swearing, then realised it’s got an Allen head. Hey it’s hard to see down there.

I’m assuming the hole in the stock is offset to add a bit of extra tension to the stock. Or that’s really dodgy workmanship.
For whatever reason a spring had lost tension and was no longer pushing the interia bar hard enough to hold it.

Removed both firing pins, no recess for springs, what a bastard job. Removed spring that tensions inertia bar. Bent it a bit to add more tension. Replaced all springs and firing pins, still a bastard of a job. Seems to be fixed.


I always get terrified working with springs, then you put everything together and there are no parts left over, and everything works… A very proud moment of self reliance.

The offset in the stock is probably to cast it to one side to make it right or left handed.
Good work on the fix mate!